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Tech Tips: Dixie Narco BevMax Slides

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Dixie Narco has been making glass front vending machines for somewhere around 15 years now (Dixie Narco bought out ECC's bottle drop design in the early 2000s). First, there were the all gravity free-falling "bottle drop" vendors, and now, the sleek elevator/gravity delivery system is the current state-of-the-art model. Models we're dealing with here include the 2145, 5591, BevMax 2, BevMax 3, BevMax 4, and now the BevMax Media 6.

The 45 plastic slides and spring loaded back pushers each full size glass front machine has have changed several times over the years. The first design didn't even have a pusher at all, the bottles fell using the force of gravity only! Now, the current design for the BevMax 4/6 models look more rounded on the edges, have a much taller spring loaded pusher, and a stronger spring. The incredible part about it? All versions of that slide are interchangeable with each other! That means that the current slides used in the new BevMax Media soda machines, will work and fit in your old 2145 bottle drop machine, as well as anything in between. In addition, the current slide is almost $3.00 cheaper than the older slide versions with the shorter backs, which are still offered by Dixie as well - that's right, cheaper, go figure.

The older slide with the shorter back is part #80181814. The current slide is part #80182096. I highly recommend you only buy and use the newer slide assembly. It does a much better job of pushing the product forward, and it's much cheaper. We sell the new slide under both part numbers on our online store, stores.vendorstech.com.