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Tech Tips: Parts, Interchangeability

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Ever wonder what to do when Dixie Narco tells you that they don't make your style of condenser fan anymore? How about when Royal stops making that drop sensor, or the one you order looks SO different from the one you have? Welcome to the world of parts and their interchangeability. Most all parts that are discontinued have a replacement somewhere, or something newer or maybe older that will work in their place. The trick is finding the part that will work, will fit, and won't blow up when you turn it on.

Feel free to give us a call anytime at 970-623-1272, and we'll help you find the right replacement part. Below are a couple of recently discontinued parts, and directions on how to identify their replacements.

1. Dixie Narco 2145/5591 soda machines have two styles of decks. One has dual "wraparound" style condensers, and the other newer ones have a single condenser. The original condenser fans with the fan shrouds and blades for those decks are no longer available, and Dixie offers no replacement whatsoever, not even just the motor. The newer condenser fans for the single condenser decks will not work in place of the duals either. The dual fans are 9 watts, the newer fans are somewhere around 16 watts. The blades are also different.  The old part number listed for the dual style fan assembly is 804501190.01.  The part number for the newer style single condenser fan motor assembly is 62604070013.  For now, the old shroud and blade that came with the dual fan motor, are not available.  We do sell just the motor though for the old style dual condenser decks.  Our part number is VT1780, and the motor is available in our online store, or by phone if you call us.

2. Dixie Narco 2145/5591 soda machines have a slide and pusher assembly, 45 of them actually, on which the product sits and is pushed forward for the harrowing gravity powered drop into that abused bucket below. The slide and pusher assemblies with the short, 2" back to them, are rising in cost. Plus, many products vend better with a taller pusher, like the approximately 5" tall one that comes with the new BevMax 4 assemblies. Are those slide assemblies interchangeable? Yes! And, the new BevMax 4 pusher and slides are almost $3.00 cheaper a pop (no pun intended). Just an interchangeability option to keep in mind the next time you go to buy slides. The 2145/5591 assembly part number is 80181814, the newer BevMax 2/3/4 part number is 80182096.

3. Royal Vendors uses an impact drop sensor located on the bottom of their delivery chutes, to sense the successful or unsuccessful vending of products in most of the multi-price vending machines. That drop sensor is the same, and always has been the same in all of their machines. However, the style and look of that sensor changed dramatically a couple of years ago, and it often gets people confused. The old ones were in a rectangle plastic box filled with glue (like the electronic temp sensors), the new ones are basically flat, partially metal, and a totally different color. They are a newer replacement for all of Royal's older drop sensors. They will work, and fit, believe me! Instructions for the retrofit are included with the new sensors. The old sensor part number that is now obsolete is 836237, the new part number is 210123.

Our Tech Tips postings will continue with more interchangeability options later on!