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Vendors Tech Stands With North Carolina & Mississippi

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Thanks to a rapidly declining culture, and an intentional effort in our society to blur the line between right and wrong, decency and indecency, common sense and sheer idiocy, certain state governments have recently found it necessary to codify protections for business owners and other citizens who still desire some limits on public indecency and respect for their religious beliefs.

North Carolina and Mississippi have recently made courageous efforts to curb discrimination and persecution against people who want to live and operate their businesses according to their religious beliefs, and to protect the majority of upstanding citizens in their states from indecent intrusions on their privacy by individuals confused about the gender God permanently gave them at birth.

As a result of North Carolina's law banning men from women's restrooms (and vice versa), major US corporations have responded by taking their business elsewhere. Mississippi has likewise received economic backlash and punishment as a result of them protecting business owners who do not wish to be forced to violate their religious beliefs while earning a living.

As the owner of a business myself, I feel it is important that I do my part in openly supporting the rights of other businesses, the rights of individuals who own businesses, and decency and morality in public and in the business arena when those things or individuals are undermined or slandered by certain people and groups who want to force everyone to participate in social re-engineering experiments. I also feel it is important that I exercise the same right any business has to choose not to do business somewhere or with someone, as many have done in and to the state of North Carolina, and refuse my business to others who have taken a stand against morality, decency, and our nation's predominate faith based values.

Vendors Tech will no longer be doing business with, or purchasing products from:

Starbucks, American Airlines, Barnes & Noble, Coca-Cola. We will be looking for ways to roll back our utilization of PayPal, eBay, and our use of other airlines such as United and Delta. A full letter with the signatures of the Executives of over 100 businesses and corporations, demanding North Carolina repeal its new bathroom protection law, can be viewed here - http://hrc-assets.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com//files/assets/resources/NC_CEO_Letter_%283%29.pdf We encourage others to consider a similar abstention from conducting business with the companies associated with that letter.

And a quick suggestion to PayPal - a leading opponent of religious protection and morality in Christian nations. If you want to have any credibility or standing in this country in your argument for favoring so called homosexual and transgender "rights" over those of its Christian and moral opposition, start by STOPPING to do business in Islamic countries that STONE those people to death!