National 147/148 Universal Control Board Kit - No Drop Sensors

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Part Number:
VT1526 or VE5880
Usually ships within 24 hours
3.00 LBS
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
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Compatible with:
National 147/148 model snack vending machines.
Features added:
MDB, DEX, credit card capability, new display, new control board, base board interchangeable with any other UCB kit, option for guaranteed delivery system or money back, advanced programming.
Installation time:
1 hour.
All necessary mounting hardware and components. You have to use an MDB 24 volt coin changer and validator if you install this kit.
Manufacturer part number:

Product Overview

Included in this kit are all the parts and mounting hardware needed to upgrade your National 147/148 snack machine to the latest in control board technology.  These Universal Control Boards allow you to have the same board in multiple machine models and types.  Included is drop sensor capability, MDB and DEX compatibility, advanced pricing, auditing, programming options, 24 volt operation, new digital display that is always on displaying a customer message, adds capability to add a credit card reader at any time, and so much more!

Note: This kit MUST be used in conjunction with an MDB bill validator & coin mech.  You cannot use legacy 110 or 24 volt pulse/serial currency equipment with the UCB Board.

Warranty Information

1 year parts and labor warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review