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Terms of Sale

Please read the terms of sale below before making your purchase.  By purchasing any goods or services from Vendors Tech, you, the buyer, automatically agree to and accept the terms below:

1. Contract.  These terms relate to the purchase and sale of the goods and or services, (herein referred to as “products”) between Vendors Tech, herein referred to as “VT”, and the customer, herein referred to as the “buyer.” These terms of sale will become the binding contract for the sale of any products or services to any buyer, upon the buyer’s receipt of those goods or services from VT, through any method of transportation or delivery. Upon the purchase of any products from VT, the buyer agrees to all terms of the sale and warranty listed above and below. These terms are binding and overriding in all transactions of products between VT and the buyer. Any additional or different terms proposed by the buyer are hereby rejected.

2. Shipping. Unless otherwise specified by the buyer, means of shipment will remain solely at the discretion of VT, and the title, risk of loss, and the right of possession of any said products or services, shall pass to the buyer upon the delivery of those products to the buyer. All estimated delivery dates stated by VT, are only an estimate, and VT shall not be held responsible for any delays of any products beyond the control of VT while those products are in transit to the buyer. VT shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage during shipment, or damage resulting from the unpacking and installation of any products sold by VT to the buyer. The buyer is solely responsible for inspecting all products upon delivery by the carrier, for damage and missing components, and filing all necessary claims of damage with the shipping carrier. VT shall not be held responsible for any damage or loss by the carrier, or damage during shipment resulting in future product malfunctioning. All damage incurred to any products during shipment shall immediately, upon buyer’s receipt of the products, become the sole responsibility of the buyer.

3. Products. When “products” are herein referenced, it defines, unless otherwise noted in this document:  All vending equipment sold by VT, including vending machines, vending parts new or used, coin mechs, bill validators, all electrical equipment new or used, and all services and repairs.

4. Warranty.  VT warrants that any products sold, including without limitation, their component part(s), will be of the kind and quality described on the invoice of sale, and will be free of defects in workmanship or material. This warranty shall extend for the warranty period stated on the invoice of sale, starting upon the date clearly marked on all VT products or on VT’s service stickers. VT’s warranty of all  products sold, does not extend to components or items under warranty by another company, organization, or institution. Return or replacement of damaged or defective parts under warranty by another company, organization, or institution, is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Failure of the buyer to submit any claim hereunder within ten (10) days following expiration of the warranty period applicable to such products shall be an admission by the buyer and conclusive proof that such articles are in every respect as warranted and shall release VT from any and all claims for damage of loss sustained by the buyer, and any further warranty coverage on the products in question. Warranty coverage and satisfaction on all products or services sold by VT, shall extend only to repair, replacement, or a full refund on all products, with the exception of any type or model of vending machines. All warranties on all sizes, brands, and models of vending machines, shall extend only to the parts on the  machines, and shall not include service and or labor costs for the installation or removal of defective or damaged parts. This applies to all parts, including refrigeration, on any vending machine sold by VT. Repairs made by the buyer to any products sold by VT to the buyer, resulting in the failure or malfunction of the said parts, or the products or equipment in questions, shall release VT of all responsibility for warranty coverage or replacement responsibility on the products in question. All warranties offered by VT do not cover damage to products resulting from buyer's improper handling of any products or equipment, vandalism, alteration of a product from its original condition upon the point of sale, or applying incorrect voltage to any product.  
    VT reserves the right to refuse warranty coverage on any new, repaired, or refurbished item sold or returned, if that item after being inspected by VT, has evidence of damage or failure as a result of improper handling by the buyer or vandalism. VT reserves the exclusive right to define and determine what constitutes improper handling, vandalism damage, or damage during shipment on all products sold by VT. Buyer shall pay all return shipping on all products returned which fail under warranty, and the shipping back to the buyer from VT after the failed unit(s) have been repaired.

5. Vending Machines.  The sale of all vending machines, in any condition, included but not limited to the following; Refurbished, As-is, used, are final and no returns shall be accepted by VT, nor proposed by the buyer. ALL vending machine equipment sales are final.

6. Survival.  All terms and conditions, as stated herein shall survive any cancellation or termination of this contract and any performance hereunder.

7. Returns.  All products (with the exception of vending machines) sold by VT may be returned by the buyer within, but not more than, (14) fourteen days after the date of confirmed delivery.  In the event that the parts are in every way in the same working and physical condition as they were when they were sold, VT shall fully refund the sale price of the part minus original shipping, and minus 15% of the original sale price as a restocking fee within 10 days of receiving the returned item.  In the event that the returned parts are not in the original condition they were when sold, VT may deduct off the refund amount, what VT deems necessary and sufficient for repairing and restoring the item to its original condition.  Returned parts that failed under normal use, and are returned for a refund instead of a warranty repair are not subject to added deductions for original condition issues, so long as VT determines that the part failed under normal operating circumstances.  Any product that fails under warranty after the 14 day return period has expired, may NOT be returned for a refund.  VT will still repair any failed unit under warranty for free during the warranty period, see paragraph 4.

8. Headings. The headings of the various paragraphs are inserted only as a matter of convenience and for reference and in no way are intended to define, limit, or describe the scope or the intent of the particular paragraph to which they refer.

​9. Technical Support.   VT offers free technical support to anyone who calls with a vending repair related issue, and we will do our best to answer any questions a buyer or potential buyer may have, and to lend as much knowledge and insight that is possible to the buyer in the problems that they may have.  VT reserves the right to refuse technical service to ANYONE, including for reasons not limited to the following:  Poor speaking or inadequate comprehension or understanding of the English language on the part of a buyer, refusal or inability of the buyer to follow specific directions given by our tech staff in regard to the issue in question, lack of time, knowledge of the equipment in question, or availability on the part of our tech staff to handle a technical support question or call.  Buyer agrees to release VT of all responsibility of phone, email, or mail forms of technical support on items sold or repaired for or to the buyer by VT in the event that VT determines that for any of the above listed reasons we cannot provide technical support.

10. Credit Card Fees. Any transaction between a buyer and VT which shall exceed $1000.00 in total amount (including shipping and labor charges), shall be subject to a mandatory 3.0% transaction fee.  Web sales are exempt from any transaction fees, with the exception of vending machines.  All vending machines sold on stores.vendorstech.com will be offered with a 3.0% discount for buyers who choose to pay with cash or a check.  There will be a cash discount option offered for transactions over $1000.00 for buyers who choose to pay with a check or cash on all non-web orders, in which case the total amount due will be the regular list price of the part/labor/shipping or any other type of item(s) being sold.